About Us

MISCO is a fast growing company working in the field of the chemical cleaning. Our range of activities includes chemical cleaning of carbon steel /stainless steel pipelines, gas crackers, columns, compressors, high-pressure boilers and condensers using suitable chemicals. Sludge cleaning and removal from oil storage tanks. We have been in this field for the past 12 years.

We have executed many Pre-commissioning and Post–operational chemical cleaning of high-pressure boilers and condensers at power plant, petrochemical industries, refineries, fertilizers, etc.

We have a network of well-trained and experienced personnel devoted to the job who can execute to the almost satisfaction for our valuable clients.

We are well equipped with pumps of large and small capacities and associated valves and piping to suit the need of particular work. Thus, we can undertake the job on turnkey basis and carry out with professional touch.

We have a well-equipped chemical laboratory to carry out all analyses and also the needed studies research in the area of chemical treatment. 

We have a joint venture agreement with the Egyptian Petroleum Institute to use the available facilities at their research labs whenever needed

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